In The Garden

An Art Show by

Wilda Ferguson


    November 3 – 5, 2005

Reception:   November 5, 5:30 – 9:30pm

 Live Worms Gallery

1345 Grant Ave, SF CA 94133  

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 Thursday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm  

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Yaadein Sanjota Hai   

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My Artistic Evolution

I saw a collage for the first time when I was eighteen and I was fascinated. I remember creating a collage but I didn’t keep it and have no idea what happened to it. About fifteen years later I spontaneously began to create my own art. I don’t know why this happened to me. I hadn’t thought of myself as an artist nor considered art as a career or even a hobby. Yet one day I went out and bought a set of pastel chalks and some paper and began to draw the flowers in my yard. I did quick sketches of children and began to experiment with colors and shapes. I drew the elements; water, fire earth and air (clouds & rainbows.) I was going through some intense changes in my personal life at this time and that may have had some influence, although I had experienced similar times before and they had not sparked this artistic renaissance in my life. Anyway, I continued to draw shapes, contrast colors and for the first time to look at art books and visit museums and galleries. I had been to some as a child but they had been meaningless to me. Now I was captivated. At this time, I still had no artistic aspirations or goals and was just forming the concept of myself as an artist. I went to stay in San Francisco for a few months and one day I read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the sale of Van Gogh’s Irises painting. It was a fairly long article, with columns on both the front and back pages of the first section. The thing about the article that really struck me was the majority of it was not about Van Gogh, but rather about the people who had owned the painting. It seemed to me that attitudes about art had not changed very much in the many decades since Van Gogh lived and painted and died. The beautiful art that Vincent Van Gogh had painted was still not the most important aspect of his creation. It was who had it and what they paid for it. I felt an overwhelming desire to express my feelings about this situation and out of this desire came my first extant collage, Masterpiece # 1, Untitled. From the time I created this first collage, I have been continually creating art and evolving in my use ofYaadein Sanjota Hai   materials and purpose.

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Choose Life-End the Death Penalty


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Love, Randy California

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Gift From A Flower To A Garden