In The Garden

When I conceived the idea for this show and realized I wanted a name for it, In The Garden came to me immediately.  I began gardening around the time I began creating art and the two experiences have grown together. There is a strong influence of gardens and gardening in my art. And the Warflowers series, as well as some of my other pieces, is created around the idea of the earth as a garden. I like this idea because it denotes growth and allows for mistakes. I frequently say I love art because it is so forgiving. Gardens have that aspect also. And the garden metaphor appeals to me in the spiritual sense. It would explain a lot if god is a cosmic gardener and we are his flora and fauna. Some of us are lavender, some of us are daisies and some of us are weeds, who need to be plucked from the garden and recycled in the compost bin of life.

This work was is an expression of the female, the feminine aspect of the garden.