Yaadein Sanjota Hai

This mandala, whose Hindi meaning translates loosely to ďcollecting memoriesĒ was done to celebrate the idea of friendship.

I did not begin my artistic exploration with the conscious decision to create collages or use mixed media. I have some ability to draw to life and some knowledge of technique and design. However, I have chosen to not take art classes nor attempt to refine my technique and I have been criticized for this attitude. I have acquired a certain amount of refinement and control through the years as I have worked at my art. But those aspects of my work are not what is important to me. My art has a two-fold purpose in my life. One is to provide free expression of the feelings and ideas that are important to me. The other is to explore artistic boundaries. There is still a lot of repression within and around the artistic community. Perhaps some human beings will always be uncomfortable with art they donít understand. I find it stimulating and challenging in the most positive sense. I donít care for the work of many artists and I donít mind if people donít care for the art I create. I love it, I enjoy it and I usually know what I am doing. And when I donít, thatís fine also.